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Parenting in a New Age

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 6:10 AM

Reach out to Parents:


Many parents are very frustrated by technology and its impact on their children. Computers, cellphones, texting, games, face time, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pintrest seem to be dominating our children's lives. As a mother of an adolescent and a therapist who works with teens, I get to hear how much kids love their parents and need them to be more involved in their lives. Many kids long for a deeper connection with their parents. Even with all this technology, teens admit they are lonely. Teens want to share more about themselves with their parents but they worry about stressing them out. No matter what it seems like on the outside, you children need you, love you and want to spend time with you. Children know adults spend time on things that are important such as work, chores and financial matters. You have the power to make your children feel so special by giving them your time and attention. Even though they turn to Google or their friends, parents are still the number one influence in a child's life. Don't be fooled by their preoccupation with technology, their awkwardness around adults and their rejection of your opinion or values .

Neither technology nor their friends can take the place of you in their hearts and lives. Don't be afraid to be a parent. Don't be intimidated by technology and the amount of information kids have today. You can be curious about it. Ask your children questions. Be open to learn about their techo-world. It may be our own learning curve with fast paced technology we are frustrated with.

Your kids need you to parent them which involves boundaries and limits setting along with your love. Make time for your kids, to listen to them and to hold the space for their feelings, questions and concerns. They may want to know what everyone else thinks about a particular topic but your opinion carries the most weight. It is a different world we live in, so we need to parent in a way that meets their needs. Some of those needs may be different from when we grew up in a non-techno world. However, the need for love, fresh air, adventures, nature, play, fun, guidance, support, safety, emotional presence, boundaries and limit setting are universal to all children.

It is true our kids are wired differently. I believe this technology is getting them ready to create a fabulous world beyond our wildest dreams. It's all good!


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