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The New Year and Our Reflections on 2012

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 8:20 AM

This year was a productive year for Healing Arts, LLC. We have been in private practice since 1996 and for many years we were working part-time in the practice along with a full-time job in the field.  I resigned from my last job in September 2009 and I'm astonished and amazed that I have been in full-time private practice for 3 1/2 years.  Frank has been full-time for 4 years.

It has been an amazing journey for us as we have been managing our caseload; providing groups, individual and intensive workshops; learning the business end of private practice; marketing ourselves; networking with other professionals;  working effectively with insurance companies; attending trainings and supervision group; collaborating with other professionals,  obtaining our own health insurance; doing billing; getting creative; writing a book; and designing our our own program, business, and schedule. 

Highlights of 2012

We celebrated our one year anniversary in our new office in the Meadows Professional Office Park in North Kingstown.

Frank is attending the CAGS program at RIC to obtain his LMHC which will allow him to accept BCBS in the near future. I'm very proud of him and his incredible accomplishments. I look forward to his graduation which is coming up soon.

In addition to providing individual counseling in North Kingstown, Frank continues to work with adolescents in an alternative high school in Providence. He also facilitates an Anger Management group at the Silver Lake Community Center in North Providence. 

We now have an ongoing Early Recovery group and an Anger Management group in North Kingstown. 

We provided some intensive workshops: Shadow Process, Codependency, Anxiety and Worry and the Vision Map Journal. They were all received well and we are working on the 2013 schedule to provide these workshop again this year.

I continue to use EMDR in my practice with my clients and I'm getting amazing results. I joined an EMDR supervision group which is staring soon. 

As a DOT qualified SAP, I worked effectively with people who needed substance abuse counseling and treatment. 

As professional interventionists, we were able to help several families learn more about substance abuse and help their loved one get into treatment. In October, Treatment Solutions invited me to attend an intervention conference in LasVegas to learn more about the intervention process.

As therapists, we believe in doing our own work. This past summer, I was invited my one of my spiritual teachers to go on a shamanic journey. I was in a tiny hut in the middle of the Amazon Jungle for 12 days. It was powerfully healing on all levels. I discovered Maca, a superfood of the Amazon rainforest  and I have been doing research on superfoods such as Chia seeds, Camu Camu, Flax seeds, and  Sacha Inchi and I've been adding them to my diet. I am pretty close to being a vegan. I also bought a juicer and I have been into juicing this year.

I purchased the Biomat which is hot on the west coast. It is an awesome healing tool for pain, anxiety, weight loss and sleep.

I also was introduced to Nerium an anti-aging that heals your skin. I've been using it for 2 months and I look ten years younger I'm told.

Our daughter, Gabriella, was accepted as a Student Abassador for People to People Amdassador Program and she will be traveling through several countries in Europe this representing the US. We are the process of organizing some fund-raising events. 

We are talking about creating a new business separate from Healing Arts where we can provide holistic and wellness type services such as Reiki sessions and classes, Biomat Therapy, Expressive Arts, Sound Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness classes, Yoga. Our plan is to offer products we really believe can help others. 

Another goal we have is to simplify our business by getting on Therapy Notes.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for our 2013 schedule. There will something for everyone. We wish you much healing and peace in your 2013. Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! :)


Maria and Frank

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