Healing Arts, LLC 
Integrative Counseling for Adults & Adolescents

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Intensive Holistic and Integrative Outpatient Services

Most intensive outpatient substance abuse programs follow a traditional medical model. They tend to focus on the treatment of addiction through a combination of substance abuse education and medication assisted therapy within a peer-centered group setting. Healing Arts, LLC offers an alternative approach. We developed this model based on our own personal recovery process and our professional experience working in the field.

At Healing Arts, we focus on:

  • The whole person, a holistic approach~ Body, Mind & Spirit. 
  • Adolescents & adults~ substance abuse assessment, level of care, prevention, education and   treatment.
  • One-on-one individual therapy sessions as opposed to psycho-educational group sessions.
  • Individualized treatment plan.
  • Confidentiality and privacy.
  • An integrative approach in addition to the traditional medical model.
  • Address the underlying issues of addiction~ trauma, grief, shame and guilt, depression and anxiety.
  • Co-occurring addictions such as codependency, food, gambling, relationships, etc.
  • Provide family and friends the support and education they need.
  • Reestablish connection through community involvement.
  • We have designed a treatment plan using this unique model to treat any addiction, compulsive overeating, codependency and trauma.

Who would benefit from this type of integrative recovery model~

- those who currently participate in counseling on a weekly basis and/or attend 12 step program and may require more education, support and skill building. This process would involve participating in treatment at Healing Arts for 10-20 hours per week. 

-anyone seeking an alternative to a traditional substance abuse IOP.

-families who would prefer their loved one remain local within a safe setting with highly skilled and knowledgeable clinicians. 

~Addiction is a family disease and therefore, families need to be more actively involved in the treatment process. We provide family sessions, coaching, progress reports and updated treatment plans on a weekly basis.

- those who prefer individual on-on-one counseling to gain insight and clarity into their substance abuse problem and underlying issues.

- those who need additional help and support via coaching outside the therapeutic milieu.

- those with social anxiety who have difficulty in groups.

- those stepping down from traditional inpatient program or an IOP and may need additional work on underlying issues.

- those looking for more holistic & integrative approach-mind, body, spirit.

-those who participating in medication-assisted treatment.

10-20 hours per week includes~

One-on-one individual therapy for substance abuse education and treatment

Recovery Coach or Life Coach.

Daily Check-ins via phone, text, Skype, emails.

Updated weekly treatment plans and progress reports

Address trauma and underlying issues such as depression and anxiety

Accompany clients to AA meetings, gym, yoga, etc. as needed. 

Family Therapy & Substance Abuse Education

Random urine toxicology screens and breathalyzers

How to get started~ willingness is the key

You can call to set up an appointment, 401-932-6820, for an intake assessment with one of our Master's Level Licensed Chemical Dependency Professionals to determine your appropriate level of care and suitability for this particular model of care.

How it works~

Once we have completed the assessment and we determine you are suitable for this level of care, we would develop a treatment plan for you and your family. Each week we will update the treatment plan along with a written progress report. 

Integrative Methods include:

Expressive Arts


Internal Family Systems (IFS)


Daily Coaching

Biomat Therapy Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Nature Walk and Talk Therapy

12 Step Work

Holistic Self-Care Plan: Body, Mind, Spirit

Sound Healing

Mindfulness and Meditation

Collaboration with primary care physician, psychiatrist and holistic practitioners: yoga teachers, chiropractors, acupuncturist, homeopath, etc.

Empowerment exercises developed to challenge fear and build trust

Spiritual Counseling: Teachings are woven into the counseling process from various spiritual disciplines.

Private pay, this service is not covered by insurance: $1750.00 per week for 10 hours of direct care. In addition to your substance abuse treatment at Healing Arts and depending on your needs, we may recommend yoga, gym, acupuncture, massage, etc. which would require an additional fee.