Healing Arts, LLC 
Integrative Counseling for Adults & Adolescents

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Join us for this 15 week group using IFS beginning September 13, 2022, a cutting-edge psychotherapy process which is an evidenced based system that helps to understand the complexity of the Psyche and heal from pain & trauma. This group will help give a voice and image to your emotional states and mind chatter, the sub-personalities within called Parts: Perfectionist, Angry, Judge, Anxiety, Addict, Procrastinator, Concerned, Protector, Distractor, Inner Critic, etc.


  • Learn the Basic IFS Concepts
  • Connect with your Divine Self Energy
  • Complete an Expressive Arts Project and present it to the group
  • Inner Journey~ Get to Know Your Parts, Unblending from Parts
  • Update Your Internal System
  • Working with Protector Parts~ Managers & Firefighters
  • Working with Exiles
  • Working with Polarized Parts
  • Accessing & Witnessing Childhood Origins
  • Integration & Healing the Wounded Child


  • Working with partners in dyads
  • Guided Meditation & Self- Energy
  • Expressive Arts Project : art. sound, art, movement, writing, drama
  • Inner Active Cards for Parts Work
  • Speaking for Parts
  • Psychodrama  & Sculpting
  • Active Listening with Compassion
  • Blending & Unblending
  • Unburdening Parts
  • Legacy Unburdening 

Dates September 13, 2022 Tuesdays 6-8pm

Facilitator: Maria Sorensen, MA, LCDP

Cost: Covered by some health insurance companies (United, NHP) or $40.00 per session.