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(Inspired by a photograph City Lights Bookstore (1969) by Hammond Guthrie.)




                                          You say air fuels fire as it coaxes and caresses

                                          and dancing flames move to Zydeco beats

                                          under hot Louisiana sun

                                          and cool breezes lay brush strokes across bodies

                                          soaked from primal gyrations

                                          carried by the currents of sweet air 

                                          squeezed out of ancient accordion

                                          fingered by hands shaped by the dark African nights.

                                          Words weave beads of silk across your lips

                                          igniting memories of comings and goings

                                          and fire gives shape to air.


                                          Frank Sorensen © 2009




                                                   Haiku #4

                                              Death rattle echoed

                                              as their laughter came to rest

                                              in green fields of corn.


                                              Frank Sorensen © 2009