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One Day Intensive Therapy

One on One in Person

5-25-23 update

Healing Arts is now offering a one day trauma-informed intensive uniquely tailored to meet your clinical needs. Together we will develop an individualized holistic treatment plan to help and support your work.  The focus of your intensive may be on Trauma, Grief and Loss, Substance Abuse as well as other Addictions, PTSD, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Eating Disorder, Chronic Medical Illness. This would be an excellent opportunity to do deeper work~ you will be spending the entire day with an integrative therapist where you will be able to just focus on yourself and your work. This opportunity is open to couples and families. 

The first step would be to schedule an evaluation in order to determine if this would be clinically appropriate and would meet your needs at this time. To schedule a time to meet, please call me at 401-932-6820.

Day ~ Mondays  

Time~ 10-3pm

Fee~ $750.00 (not covered by health insurance) 

Facilitator: Maria Sorensen, MA, LCDP


One Day Intensive may include:

Holistic Self-Care Session: 

Reiki, Hypnosis, Guided meditation, Sacred ceremony & Spiritual practice.

Internal Family Systems Session (IFS):
Getting to know your system through IFS Mapping

Parts Work & Unburdening Parts

Legacy Unburdening (inherited trauma)

EMDR Session: 

Improve your strengths and resources

Decrease symptoms such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts

Process through memories, feelings and triggers.

Expressive Arts Session: 

Healing through Art and Creativity~art, movement, music, writing, drama

Boundary Work: Codependency, Trauma Bonding, Toxic Relationships.

Reclaim yourself and learn to express your needs, say no and be assertive.

Psycho-Education: Trauma, Addiction, Codependency, COA.  PTSD, Managing triggers and symptoms, Safety & Stability

Aftercare Plan: Create a holistic self-care plan to include ongoing support, clinical recommendations, resources and counseling.

Book your one day intensive now. We will design a plan together and then send you informations to help prepare you for your session! We look forward to working together. 

Available Dates:  June, July, August