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                                         Transformational Intensive Monthly Group

                                            ~Healing Through the Chakra System~

We are offering a 7 month intensive group which will meet monthly. This group is based on the work of Anodea Judith~ Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self~ who brings a unique and powerful approach to the yoga-based Eastern chakra system, adapting it to the Western framework of Jungian psychology, body-centered therapy, childhood developmental theory, and metaphysics.

Throughout the nine group sessions, we will spend the day focusing on a each of the seven chakras within an intimate closed group setting. We will start with a description of each chakra’s unique characteristics; then exploring its particular childhood developmental patterns; traumas and abuses; and how to heal and maintain balance.

Each month we will set up a sacred space for each chakra with its unique colors, crystals, and symbols. You will experience a process of integrating Western psychology, and the Eastern chakra system. You will learn to apply the chakra system to important issues in your life:


January~ Introduction to the Chakra System: Sacred center of the Self.

~ Chakra One~ Root Chakra, Grounding, Survival, Stability, Physical Health, Fears, Prosperity, Trust, Family, Home, Food Issues.

February~ Chakra Two ~Sacral Chakra, Sexuality, Pleasure, Emotions, Desires, Needs, Boundaries, Movement, Attachment, Anger.

March~ Chakra Three ~Solar Plexus Chakra, Power, Will, Transformation, Self-Esteem, Shame, Energy, Activity, Autonomy, Purpose, Ego, Control issues.

April~ Chakra Four~Heart Chakra, Love, Relationships, Balance, Intimacy, Compassions, Self-acceptance, Social identity, Codependency, Isolation, Grief.

May~ Chakra Five~Throat Chakra, Communication, Self-expression, Creativity, Listening, Finding one’s own voice, Lies.

September~ Chakra Six~Third Eye Chakra, Intuition, Imagination, Illusion, Archetypal identity, Denial, Insight, Dreams, Clarity.

October~ Chakra Seven~Crown Chakra, Awareness, Understanding, Self-knowledge, Divinity, Belief systems, Vision, Wisdom, Consciousness, Spirituality.

~ Conclusion: Restoration of the Sacred

Facilitators: Maria Sorensen, MA, LCDP

You are invited to a free Introduction to the Chakras Workshop~ TBA

Group starts January 2019 and will meet on the last Saturday of the every month.

Time: 10am to 4pm

Place: Meadows Office Park

Fee: $100.00 per monthly groups, drinks, healthy lunch and snacks.

Limited space is available: Open to only 8-10 participants.

Registration: Contact Healing Arts, LLC, 1130 Ten Rod Rd. Building F Suite 207, North Kingstown, RI. You will receive a confirmation along with an application to fill out. Deadline to register: 1/15/18~More information: Call or text me @401-932-6820~